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Eye Testing 91701

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Eye Testing 91701
Eye Testing 91701

An eye exam at Alta Loma Optometric leaves no stone unturned. Not only will be check your eyesight to find out if you need new or updated eyeglasses or contacts, but we will also screen you for common eye diseases. And because most of those diseases have no symptoms to alert you to their presence during their early stages, our eye testing in 91701 is vital to the well-being of your eyes. It is recommended that all of our valuable customers get an eye exam every year.

Even if you already wear corrective lenses, you still should come in for your eye exam. Your vision changes over time and it’s important to find out if your existing prescription is providing you with the best vision you can achieve, and meeting your current needs. And if you never wore eyeglasses or contacts before, maybe now is the time when you could benefit from them. If you are nearsighted, farsighted, have an astigmatism, or presbyopia, even mildly, ourĀ eye testing in 91701 will determine that and allow you to take advantage of having optimal vision.

When it comes to eye diseases, cataracts and glaucoma are ones that can affect anyone at any age. Glaucoma is marked by excessive eye pressure, so our eye testing in 91701 uses tonometry to measure your eye pressure. This is a baseline test. Others will be performed as needed to form a diagnosis. Cataracts are detected using a slit-lamp exam and having you read from a standard eye chart, among other methods. Diseases such as diabetic retinopathy (a concern for anyone with type one or type two diabetes) and macular degeneration (for those 40 and over) will be tested for if applicable. Eye diseases can result in damage occurring to your eye or a loss of vision, both of which might be irreversible. So finding them early is key to the best chances for positive outcomes.

Our eye testing in 91701 will also including checking your eye muscles, eyelids, and other key parts of your eyes. Did you know that your eyes can even be helpful in detecting other health problems? High blood pressure, high cholesterol, an diabetes may all be indicated by the blood vessels in your eyes. Call us today and schedule your eye exam.