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Eyeglasses in Rancho Cucamonga

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Rancho Cucamonga optical store

Eyeglasses in Rancho Cucamonga
Eyeglasses in Rancho Cucamonga

At the conclusion of your thorough visual acuity testing portion of your eye examination at Alta Loma Optometric you may receive a prescription for eyeglasses in Rancho Cucamonga.  Whether you have a definite style in mind or would like to take time to carefully select just the right frames, our vast inventory in our optical store is sure to have the perfect pair for you.  We understand you will be making your selection based on size, shape, style, color and material of the frame or may prefer a particular designer.  Our professional and well trained staff can assist you with your decision as well as provide expert guidance regarding correct fit and whether your chosen frames will accommodate your prescription needs.

Your eyeglasses are not only necessary for improved vision, for many they are a fashionable accessory or reflection of your unique personality.  With that in mind, we carry a number of both budget and designer lines of eyeglasses in Rancho Cucamonga at Alta Loma Optometric.  Our eyewear is also durable and long lasting and we have styles that will appeal and fit each member of your family.  From cat-eye and classic silhouettes to bold, modern geometric shapes with striking color combinations or conservative looks in either rimless or wire frames, our stock of eyeglasses is sure to have something that will appeal to everyone.

Before making your final selection, our friendly professionals will confirm your choice rests comfortable on the nose, around the ears and suits your vision requirements.  We can also offer your prescription in sunglasses at our Alta Loma Optometric optical store.  To contact us with any questions regarding eyeglasses in Rancho Cucamonga or to schedule a convenient eye examination appointment, please contact us either through our website or by calling (909) 989-1791.  We will not only set up a time for your thorough eye exam, but can also assist you with a number of other concerns including acceptable insurance plans and forms of payment as well as any other questions you may have as a new patient.  We also offer a full range of eye services for patients of all ages and look forward to assisting you with eye health needs.