Keratoconus treatment Rancho Cucamonga

Keratoconus Treatment Rancho Cucamonga

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Keratoconus treatment in Rancho Cucamonga

The most common time for keratoconus to strike is from your teens up to about age 30, though it can occur when you’re older, as well. It is a disease that affects your cornea, and at Alta Loma Optometric, we can assure you of accurate diagnosis along with prompt and effective treatment.

Keratoconus is when your cornea bulges outward, morphing from its normal round shape into a more conical shape. There is most definitely a hereditary link, with children more likely to develop it if one or both parents had it. In such cases, your child should get testing annually beginning at age 10 so that any signs can be detected in a timely manner. Like with other eye diseases, there are no obvious indications until it has become advanced. Other than the parental association, the only known possible cause is a link to allergies. The disease weakens the protein fibers that are responsible for keeping your cornea in its proper shape. Typically, it will develop slowly over the course of several years. You’ll know that you may need our keratoconus treatment Rancho Cucamonga if you have symptoms like blurry vision, eye strain, problems driving at night, unusual sensitivity to light, excessive eye rubbing, pain in your eye, headaches, or halos appearing around light in your field of vision. But since those are signs of the disease in an advanced state, the best strategy is to get an annual screening. Our keratoconus treatment Rancho Cucamonga is generally as simple as a special pair of eyeglasses. It’s not a cure, however. Corneal replacement might be necessary in more severe cases.

For all your eye care needs, turn to us. Simply schedule an appointment with our office to come in for our keratoconus treatment Rancho Cucamonga, and experience the improvement it offers.

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