Kids eye doctor in Rancho Cucamonga

Kids Eye Doctor in Rancho Cucamonga

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Common pediatric vision problems in Rancho Cucamonga

Kids eye doctor in Rancho Cucamonga
Kids eye doctor in Rancho Cucamonga

Common pediatric vision problems include some that are also an issue for adults, such as nearsightedness and cataracts. However, there are also vision challenges like amblyopia and strabismus, which are specific to children. In all such cases, we at Atlta Loma Optometric are dedicated to timely diagnosis and treatment.

Amblyopia is the clinical term, but many people simply call it “lazy eye.” In the simplest of terms, it is when one eye is weaker than the other. A related condition is strabismus, or “crossed eyes.” Our kids eye doctor in Rancho Cucamonga wants you to know that while neither of these conditions puts your child’s eye health in jeopardy, there is a risk of these otherwise temporary problems becoming permanent. Both are related to how the eyes and the brain communicate, and fortunately the treatments are not at all complicated or invasive. If ignored, though, there are potential complications that include double vision later in life, in the cases of strabismus. Congenital cataracts have the same effects as cataracts in adults, but the causes are typically not the same. Infection, injury, or poor development during pregnancy are typical. Some kids are even born with cataracts. Symptoms do not appear in the early stages, so it is essential to have it detected by our kids eye doctor in Rancho Cucamonga. Blurry or cloudy vision are signs that will eventuality be noticeable. Prescription eyeglasses are the solution. And nearsightedness, or myopia, is when your child sees well up close but not at a distance. Be aware if he or she is sitting too close to the TV or holding reading material right up against her or his face. Again, a simple prescription for eyeglasses is sufficient to allow your child the ability to see sharply and clearly at all distances.

Set up an appointment for your child with our kids eye doctor in Rancho Cucamonga. All children should have a complete examination before starting school, and even sooner if you observe any reasons for concern.

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