Rancho Cucamonga designer frames

Rancho Cucamonga Designer Frames

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Designer eyewear in Rancho Cucamonga

Eyeglasses improve the wearer’s vision but they also reflect the user’s own sense of self and style – they are the most often worn fashion accessory in the patient’s wardrobe. Our Alta Loma Optometric practice is a full-service optometry practice providing expert eye examinations that are geared preserving, protecting your eye health as well as enhancing your vision through a complete line of Rancho Cucamonga designer frames as well as a wide range of contact lenses including hard to find lenses for those with special vision needs.

Aside from assessing your visual acuity and prescribing any necessary vision correction our doctor’s examination will also look for any abnormalities in the eyes’ structure and any current or developing eye diseases, many of which develop with no overt symptoms. After our doctor has thoroughly examined the patient and prescribed the needed vision correction our optical shop staff is ready to help with a wide range of the latest Rancho Cucamonga designer frames from the world’s most celebrated designers. Our experienced optical staff will help our clients choose the best frames based on their prescription, facial structure, lifestyle, budget and person sense of style.

Fashion is important but the glasses made from our Rancho Cucamonga designer frames are also made using the highest quality lenses including ultra lightweight, anti-glare and light reactive darkening Transitions lenses. We also feature special toric and other vision correction lenses as well as a complete line of safety glasses, children’s eyewear and vision accessories. Most of our designer frames can also be made into sunglasses that block out most of both the UV-A and UV-B rays. We also feature non-prescription sunglasses that are made with much higher quality protective lenses than those found in retail shops or mall kiosks. Bring your eyes to the eyeglass experts and visit our office.

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