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Safety lenses in Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga optical store
Rancho Cucamonga optical store

Are you concerned that your current eyeglasses are not necessarily the best to wear given your occupation, sports activities or outdoor recreation? Are you thinking that you would like to get safety eyewear not only for your job but also for sports? At our Rancho Cucamonga optical store you will be able to get the highest quality of safety eyewear, and will be able to speak to our opticians regarding meeting your specific needs.

Our highly regarded optical store is Alta Loma Optometric. Our new CEO is Dr. Michael K Morton. Dr. Morton is a highly skilled optometrist who has enjoyed treating patients in our area for the past 13 years. Our other expert optometrists are Dr. Kwan and Dr. Wai. At our optical store we offer comprehensive eye exams, eye care services, contact lens exams and fittings, a great selection of affordable designer eyewear, and safety lenses and safety eyewear for our patients. It is very important for the health of your eyes to use eyeglasses with safety lenses or other safety eyewear when it is needed. There is no reason to ever risk losing your good vision to a vision accident that could be easily avoided. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans receive eye injuries at work and at home. This does not have to be the case; it has been estimated that up to 90% of these injuries could be prevented if the proper protective eyewear had been worn. At our Rancho Cucamonga optical store we are very happy to be able to help patients in this regard.

At our Rancho Cucamonga optical store we are able to offer a patient safety eyewear which has a much higher impact resistance then do regular eyeglass lenses and frames. There are safety eyewear standards which have been established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) that will help you to know that your eyeglasses and lenses are considered safe for certain situations. Safety glasses for home use are generally made of lightweight polycarbonate materials. These lenses are comfortable and highly effective in helping protect eyes. You will want to get glasses that have a high-impact rating as determined by the ANSI. High impact glasses are even available with bifocal reading segments in the lens. At our optical store we are able to provide patients with prescription safety glasses. Anti-reflective coatings are also helpful during certain outdoor activities. Photochromic lenses that change color help provide optimal out door vision as well. Our optician will be happy to help you find the correct lenses and frames that will protect your eyes during work, sports or at home activities.

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