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Rancho Cucamonga Pediatric Eye Doctor

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Family Eye Care in Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga pediatric eye doctor
Rancho Cucamonga pediatric eye doctor

Pediatric eye care is an essential part of your child’s overall health and wellness. At Alta Loma Optometric, we work from the premise that your child’s vision and eye health is too important to put off. That’s why our Rancho Cucamonga pediatric eye doctor suggests that your chid begin receiving eye care as early as age 6 to 12 months. Should there be any issues that arise, it can begin even sooner than that.

Unlike many types of checkups, an eye exam is not painful. Other than some minor stinging that can occur to the use of eyedrops that dilate your child’s eyes, there should be virtually no discomfort as part of her or his eye exam by our Rancho Cucamonga pediatric eye doctor. That combined with our dedication to maintaining a pleasant and friendly environment for children serve to make yours and your child’s visit here one that is free of stress and anxiety.

Various tests will be conducted in order to determine how well your child sees up close, at a distance and side to side (peripherally). As part of this visual checkup, our Rancho Cucamonga pediatric eye doctor will use an eye chart if your children is old enough to read. This will include both letters and pictures. For children who don’t yet read, the “tumbling E” game will be used. This is a series of E’s that are shown to your child and he or she will simply say which direction they’re pointing. Of course, for infants and very young children, even this may not be possible, but our concentration for them at that age is to prevent and treat any signs of eye disease or disorders.

Eye conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma can affect anyone, including children. Others, like drooping eyelid, and lazy eye (Amblyopia) are applicable only to children. Symptoms are not always obvious, especially in early stages of eye disease, and since early detection is associated with the most favorable outcomes, having your child examined by our Rancho Cucamonga pediatric eye doctor is essential. Keep in mind that 1 out of 10 children is at risk from vision problems that go undiagnosed and untreated.

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