Rancho Cucamonga Scleral Fitting

Rancho Cucamonga Scleral Fitting

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Scleral lenses fittings in Rancho Cucamonga

Scleral lenses are a type of contact lens that is used for various reasons, most notably as a way to treat the disease of the cornea known as keratoconus. Here at Alta Loma Optometric, we’re dedicated to providing everything that our valued customers need to achieve and maintain a high level of vision and eye wellness. You can get your lenses here and we even perform our Rancho Cucamonga scleral fitting to ensure that you are getting the most out of them in terms of better vision.

Keratoconus is responsible for the degeneration of the protein fibers that hold your corneas together and allow them to retain their round shape. The result is that your corneas tend to bulge outward and develop a more conical shape. Some of the more typical symptoms that you should be aware of, and that are indications of possible keratoconus, are blurry vision, eye strain, problems driving at night, unusual sensitivity to light, excessive eye rubbing or eye pain, headaches, and halos that appear around the light in your field of vision (particularly at night). If you have any of those symptoms, it is advisable to waste no time in reaching out to our office to arrange an eye examination. If the testing is positive for keratoconus, our eye doctor will go over your treatment options. You may decide that contacts are the best choice for you, and if so then you can benefit from our Rancho Cucamonga scleral fitting. Your lenses are not considered to be a cure, but will provide you with improved vision. If your corneas continue to degenerate, you may become a good candidate for corneal replacement surgery.

We’re here to help, so set up a convenient time to come in for an examination and also to have our Rancho Cucamonga scleral fitting.

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